80% less BTU

70% less energy


Science for sustainable development

Unlike our modern counterparts, CORAL LIFE focuses on the systematic cycle to break down a century old technology “CLIMATE CONTROL”. This means that, regardless of the power source, Coral Life technology is relevantly able to improve energy consumption and limit waste.
Our planet is essentially solar-powered. The earth’s plants capture three trillion kilowatt-hours of solar energy each day. That’s almost 20 times the energy we need… just from sunlight but more than this, the planet is working as a whole to harvest this energy efficiently in an endless cycle redistributing to all living organisms. Whether powered by solar energy, common electricity resources or future renewable energy, CORAL LIFE technology is designed to offer the best solution in terms of optimizing the utilization of these valuable supplies.

Forced by climate change and based on a long lineage of innovation, it took CORAL LIFE 3 years of R&D to create our new system. It lives off millions of data lines collected every second, draws in dirty contaminated air and pulls out clean, cool and oxygenated air inside the ecosystem of the building and ensures a 70% less energy consumption than any other air conditioning system available.

We developed a 2-story experimental house and starting with the building envelope, we used only the best quality materials, from the glass to the frames, all the way down to the construction taping and nails. At its heart, we placed the future of cooling technology – a central unit delivering cool and clean air to the whole environment with a separate unit removing pollutants through medical laboratory grade filters, the whole system working in harmony to clean up efficiently and cool down homogeneously, a true Innovation in that domain.

“Nature’s essential self adjusting mechanisms at a human scale.”

We ground CORAL LIFE philosophy and innovations in nature, and for good reason…

Cool. The Coral Life system utilizes a central cooling unit that requires 80% less BTU output to feed the whole ecosystem through a set of strategically placed conducts.

Protect. All living organisms need to protect themselves from external dangers while preventing essential internal components from escaping. The Coral Life structure, walls and windows have all been carefully developed and installed to create a protective membrane that ensures maximum protection while providing these extraordinary living conditions.

Breathe. No matter how effective its performance, the system would not be complete if it could not protect itself from pollutants. A custom filtration system protects the ecosystem from outside hazards to extreme levels of precision.

Think. Like almost every organism, the system requires a central nervous system. Our custom-made chip and network of sensors empower the system to make self adjustments in response to environmental cues.

With its nature-inspired innovations, CORAL LIFE creates incomparable indoor spaces in hot and humid locations along the equator. The data from our experimental house and completed projects are setting energy saving records by the day. The results are places that resonate like true independent organisms comparable to the most advanced constructions in the whole of Southeast Asia. The beneficiaries are not only those spending more than 90% of their day inside the innovative CORAL LIFE spaces, but most of all, the entities employing this technology.

“The remedy to modern living.”