“A place to Work, Heal and Grow”


The key to health and productivity

Isolating the living and working area completely from the outside world, CORAL LIFE technology is an ensemble of innovations combined, controlled and monitored by a central self-adjusting computer that is able to react to every subtle change in the building:

  • The amount of people breathing and releasing CO2
  • The body heat naturally warming up the air
  • The in and out traffic and how long the doors remain open
  • The weather forecast of the day, overall temperature, humidity and contaminant levels

These are all examples of the countless pieces of information collected every second.

So why is comfort such an important value in daily life, today more than ever?

Not only do children and young adults represent the demographic group most concerned by pollution but they are also the ones most at risk from contaminated environments. Whether it is at home, in school, theaters or department stores, they are permanently exposed to all kinds of hazards during the most critical period of their growth and development. When their bodies and minds should be flourishing as they absorb and assimilate everything around them, they find themselves immersed in less than perfect environments, often leading to unwanted repercussions in their adult lives.

Most city inhabitants today spend more than 90% of their time indoors, whether that’s at work or at home. In this artificial context, carbon dioxide levels, PM2.5, noise pollution, viruses, bacteria and allergens represent daily threats to the human body.

The focus of CORAL LIFE technology has always been on drastically bettering living conditions in every aspect of the modern indoor lifestyle.

“A duty to enable the safe growth of future generations”

Like the Coral reef, the place is continuously adjusting itself before any perceptible change can happen, allowing the right amount of cool air and oxygen to be dispersed where it is most needed. It affects its inhabitants in terms of general health, removing allergens for example and providing an oxygen rich environment allowing for creation and ideal conditions for the human body to operate at its full capacity. This is of course important when we are at work and our body and mind need to operate to the best of their ability in order for us to focus and solve problems. However, it is also just as important when we are back at home and our body and mind need to recover from the exertions of the day. Oxygen is an essential ingredient that helps us to heal as we relax and sleep in a bespoke environment.

“Safe, Clean and Cool – day and night”

It is now known that we spend most of our time indoors, often to the detriment of our health. These uncontrolled, unregulated spaces can cause as much damage to our health as smoking. We believe that Air is on its path to become the most valuable resource on earth as it is shared by everyone without distinction, so why not make a change now and set a new standard to trigger the living revolution that is bound to happen?